Community Video Watch Program

VIDEO WATCHDo you currently have a working private video surveillance at your home? If so, we at the Justin Police Department need you! Video surveillance is one of the best and most efficient ways of apprehending criminals and convicting suspects who are caught in the act of committing a crime. Participating in this program is a great example of community-police partnerships and is something we highly value as a police agency serving our community.

In recent days, privately owned surveillance systems in the City of Justin have proven instrumental in the apprehension of several perpetrators. The Justin Police Department is very appreciative of the citizens who have come forth with this footage in the past and only hopes to raise awareness and streamline the flow of this valuable information with our Community Video Watch Program.

How does it work?

The Justin Police Department is committed to developing a partnership with the residents and business owners in our community. When a crime is committed in your neighborhood or near your business, oftentimes residents and business owners are not always aware that their video surveillance system may have captured the crime the moment it takes place.

Registering your system could help solve crimes, and keep our community safe, but the police are not always aware which residents may have this potentially critical information. The Justin Police Department is asking residents and businesses to register their privately owned surveillance camera systems. As we respond to criminal incidents, we may be able to use the information in this registry to gather footage from your security cameras to assist in the apprehension and prosecution of the criminals involved.

All Video Crime Watch Program Information is Kept Confidential

Residents and business owners who currently have cameras or are looking to purchase cameras can complete three easy steps to register their cameras with the Community Video Program.

  • Registering: It only takes a few minutes. You will provide basic information for example, where your camera is located. There is no cost for registering your camera.
  • How It Works: You will be contacted by the Justin Police Department if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of your camera. Police officers, if necessary, may contact you in order to request a copy of the video that was captured by your camera to assist in the investigation of a crime.

By voluntarily registering your contact information with the Justin Police Department, detectives will know how to reach you if a crime occurs in the vicinity of your property. Registering your information does not provide Justin Police Department with direct access to your camera. We will only contact you if they believe your camera could contain evidence relevant to a criminal investigation. Evidence provided by your camera could mean the difference between bringing a criminal to justice versus leaving a crime unsolved.

Disclaimer & Terms of Use
The goal of the Community Video Watch Program is to deter crime and promote public safety through collaboration between the Justin Police Department and the people we serve.

All Video Crime Watch Program registrants agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Any footage containing or related to criminal activity may be collected by the Justin Police Department for use as evidence during any stage of a criminal proceeding.
  • If necessary, the Justin Police Department will contact you directly, using the information provided on this site, to request the appropriate video surveillance footage.
  • Under no circumstances shall registrants construe that they are acting as an agent and/or employee of the City of Justin and/or the Justin Police Department through the Community Video Watch program.
  • Under no circumstances shall the Justin Police Department utilize any information obtained to view footage/feeds directly from cameras owned by registrants. 

If you are interested in registering for this program, please use the sign-up form below:

Community Video Watch Sign-Up

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  6. Thank you for your participation. In the event a crime has been committed in your neighborhood, a Justin Police Officer or Detective may contact you and request to view your video recordings. If you have changes to the information or wish to be removed, please contact our office at 940-648-2541.

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