Leak Adjustment FAQs

What is the Eye on Water program?

  • EyeOnWater® gives utility customers the power to manage their water use through easy-to-understand consumption graphs and configurable leak notifications, providing timely, visual access to their water usage behavior. (Information taken from www.badgermeter.com) Signing up for this program will help residents monitor for leaks in the future and ultimately help with water conservation.

If the meter information is not available, how will my adjustment be calculated?

  • If for any reason we cannot use the meter reading system to determine your adjustment amount, we will use the corresponding billing cycle to the leak from the previous three years to calculate an average. For example, if the leak took place in June, we would use the June billing cycle from the previous three years to find the average.

Do I qualify for an adjustment if I have a broken irrigation line? Broken pool equipment?

  • Yes. If you bring in the receipts showing the repair for a broken pool or irrigation equipment we can proceed with the leak adjustment request process.

Do I have to pay my bill if I am still waiting for a decision to be made on an adjustment request?

  • Yes. Utility bills are due on the 10th of every month, submitting a Leak Adjustment Form does not prevent late fees from being added or disruption of service due to non-payment. Once your adjustment is approved, the appropriate amount will be credited back to your account.

How do I dispute the decision to deny my adjustment?

  • If you believe your situation should qualify for an adjustment, you may contact the Assistant City Manager, Abbey Reece, at areece@cityofjustin.com.