Trash Services

Waste Connections 

  • Contact Number: 817-222-2221
  • Local Office Contact Number: 940-648-3902

All trash services are run through Waste Connections. For residential properties, trash is set up at the same time as your water account. The fee for the trash is added to and paid with the water bill each month.

Commercial Properties will go through Waste Connections directly and your monthly trash fee will NOT be on your water bill each month. You will email your request for service to and a recommendation will be made based on your specific needs. In the email please specify:

  1. What type of business?
  2. What will you be disposing of?
  3. How many employees are at the location?
  4. If a restaurant, dine in or take or both?

Waste Connections Acceptable/Unacceptable Items

Waste Connections Bulk Waste Guidelines

Waste Connections Q&A