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How Much Water Does Your Yard Actually Need?


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WaterTalk: Get to Know Your Sprinklers

Are your sprinklers water wasters? Outdoor irrigation accounts for 50-70% of water use during the summer, much of which is wasted due to broken or worn-out equipment and wasteful watering practices. Join @UTRWD online for the next Water Talk to learn how to check your sprinklers, the basics of sprinkler controllers, and the best irrigation practices to ensure you’re watering effectively and not wasting during. Sign up for the free class at #WaterLessYall

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June 19 – 25 is #PollinatorWeek

June 19 – 25 is #PollinatorWeek, a time to appreciate what bees, butterflies and hummingbirds do for our local environment and for people. You can help these pollinators (and save lots of water!) by planting native pollinator plants in your yard! Find native #pollinator plants at! #WaterLessYall