Summer Reading Program

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The Justin Community Library offers an annual Summer Reading Program designed to nurture a lifelong love of reading in children of all ages. Call the Library for more details on how to get your child registered.      

Summer Reading Program Instructions

  1. The Program starts on June 1, 2023 and ends on July 31, 2023.  
  2. Prizes cannot be claimed until June 15, 2023.
  3. This program will run on the honor system that the books claimed have actually been read and fall within the appropriate reading level for the person claiming them. Books must be read during the dates of the summer program. Books read during the school year do not count. Audiobooks will be accepted.
  4. There are 4 programs. 
    • Listeners (ages 2 and up)
    • Readers
    • Teens 
    • Adults
  5. Every person participating in the program must fill out a program card to be left at the library. This card will need the person’s first and last name and a valid telephone number. Children’s cards will also need the age and grade entering this fall. These cards are used to track the number of participants in the program as well as tracking levels completed.

Listeners | Readers | Teens

Children have 2 prize levels. A prize bag may be claimed at each level and the value of prizes will increase with each level. After completing both levels they will automatically be entered into a drawing for an additional prize. The drawing will be held at the end of July.

  • Listeners |12 books each level
  • Readers | 8 books each level
  • Teens | 6 books each level


For every book read an adult will get an entry form for the drawing. The official entry form will be provided by the library which will need to include the name, phone number and title of the book read; all other forms will be invalid. At the end of the month any tickets not drawn will be shredded and the next month will start fresh. There will be two drawings during the summer (the last day of June and July).