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Request for Qualifications/Proposals

The City of Justin invites qualified consulting firms to submit statements of qualifications/proposals for a local Comprehensive plan pursuant to Texas standards and procedures and the best management practices for comprehensive planning. Proposals will be accepted from individuals, firms, or groups of firms who can demonstrate they have the resources, experience, and qualifications to provide a range of professional planning and recommendations for the City of Justin Comprehensive Plan.

Full RFQ can be found here.


TAKE NOTICE  the City Council of the City of Justin, Texas, shall convene at 5:00 o'clock P.M. on the 12th day of October, 2021, at its regular meeting place in the City Hall, 415 N. College Avenue, Justin, Texas, and, during such meeting, the City Council will consider the passage of one· or more ordinances authorizing the issuance of certificates of obligation, in one or more series, in a principal amount not to exceed $2,400,000 for the purpose of paying contractual obligations to be incurred for (i) the construction of public works, to wit: constructing, acquiring, purchasing, renovating, enlarging, equipping, and improving water system properties and facilities, including land and rights-of-way therefor, and (ii) professional services rendered in relation to such projects and the financing  thereof,   and such certificates shall be payable from ad valorem taxes and a pledge of the net revenues of the City's combined Waterworks and Sewer System. In accordance with Texas Local Government Code Section 271.049, (i) the current principal amount of all of the City's outstanding public securities secured by and payable from ad valorem taxes is $13,935,000;  (ii) the current  combined principal and interest required to pay all of the City's outstanding public securities secured by and payable from ad valorem taxes on time and in full is $16,153,107; (iii) the estimated combined principal and interest required to pay the certificates of obligation to be authorized on time and in full is $2,715,764; (iv) the maximum interest rate for the certificates may not exceed the maximum legal interest rate; and (v) the maximum maturity date of the certificates to be authorized is August 15, 2042. The certificates  are to be issued, and this notice is given, under and pursuant to the provisions of Texas Local Government Code, Subchapter C of Chapter 271.

Brittany Andrews City Secretary

City of Justin, Texas

Notice of Tax Rate Publication