Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Development Services division provides information relating to State Law and zoning regulations to residents, businesses, and developers. The division also facilitates new developments through the requisite processes and aims to ensure all stakeholders receive the correct information in order to accomplish their goals within the community. 

Want to develop in the City of Justin?

If you are wanting to develop in the City of Justin and don’t know where to start, please contact We will contact you back to answer any questions and walk you through the process for your specific project. Please also check out our Developer FAQ page in the meantime for any general questions that can be answered.

Are you a new or existing business looking to change locations? 

If you are a business looking to move or change locations within the City of Justin, please contact us so we can verify your business is zoned for your new specific location. Some businesses or uses are restricted within certain zoning districts and could require a Specific Use permit, which is a twelve-week process and must be approved by City Council before the business can occupy the space. Please also check out our New Business FAQ attached.

Are you a resident?

If you are a resident and want to do some projects around the house such as: adding onto the home, adding another structure on the property, adding a new fence, or any other projects. Please contact us at

View our Interactive Zoning Map.

What projects are occurring in the City of Justin?

Please see the “DRC Project List” for ongoing projects within the City. You can find the development project map listed below as well for locations of ongoing projects within the City.

View our DRC Project List. (Updated as of February 9, 2023)

View our Future Development Projects Map.