Code Compliance

Code Compliance is responsible for the enforcement of codes and ordinances, and the integrity and beautification of neighborhoods. Our goal is to work with the communities of Justin in order to foster a spirit of safety and health. 

Submit a Complaint

To submit a complaint please click on the link below.

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Most Common Types of Violations

The most common types of violations are: High grass and weeds, signs in the Right-of-way, and unpermitted garage sales. You can find the ordinance or the link to the ordinance attached below.

  1. High Grass and Weeds: “All grass, weeds, vegetation, or brush not regularly cultivated and which exceed twelve (12) inches, as prohibited by Sec. 28-58, and all rubbish are objectionable, unsightly, and unsanitary, are hereby deemed to be a threat to the public health and safety of persons in the City, and are hereby declared a public nuisance.”
  2. Signs in the right-of-way: Signs on the right-of-way of a road or highway maintained by the city are explicitly prohibited according to Section 36-6 of the City of Justin Code of Ordinances.
  3. Work without a permit: Please contact either the Planning and Zoning or Building Services Division to ensure you do not need a permit. Working without a permit may result in a stop work order and/or additional fees. Items such as painting, moving fixtures, or renovating flooring do not require a permit.
  4. Outdoor Storage: According to Sec. 10-345 outdoor storage is prohibited In all non-residential zoning districts, except for Light Industrial, it shall be unlawful for any person to allow, permit, conduct or maintain any outside storage on any portion of a lot or tract, outside of an enclosed structure, or under a carport, covered patio or other projected overhang, for a continuous period in excess of seven days during a calendar year. 
  5. Parking on an Unimproved Surface: According to Sec. 46-34 No person shall park, or allowed to be parked, a vehicle on an unimproved surface in a residential front yard or side yard. No vehicle shall be parked or stored on any unimproved surface on any public right-of-way, signed area indicating the existence of a utility easement or any other signed area indicating the existence of utility infrastructure.
  6. Rental Certificate of Occupancy (RCO): All new rentals (except Apartments) are required to apply for a Rental Certificate of Occupancy before any utilities can be turned on for the property owner. Please submit all RCO Applications to An application of $100 is required.