New Recycle Carts!

Progressive Waste Solutions is pleased to partner with the City of Justin to enhance service options and improve the Recycling Program using 65-gallon carts.

What to expect?

New 65-gallon carts to be delivered on March 31st and April 1st.

First scheduled recycle pick-up for new carts April 7, 2016. As of this date the small green totes will NOT be picked up. You may keep the totes but please do NOT use them for your curbside recyclables.

Frequency of pick-up will NOT change. It will continue to be every Thursday. The carts do need to be placed at the curb before 7:00 a.m. to ensure service to all residents.

Items that will NOT be accepted include the following: food waste, plastic bags, Styrofoam packaging, packing peanuts, wood, grass clippings, hazardous materials including electronics, batteries, paint or chemicals, window or plate glass and large metal objects (small engines, lawnmower blades, etc.).

Items accepted: Paper (newspapers, inserts, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, envelopes, phone books, greeting cards, office paper of any color); cardboard (boxes, mail packaging, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, frozen food boxes, etc.); plastics #1-5 & 7 (clear plastic bottles like water, soda, and juice; colored plastic bottles like milk jugs, detergent, margarine, yogurt, please check the bottom of the container for the number to see if it is accepted); glass (all colors accepted; excluding window panes and plate glass); metal (food containers made of aluminum, tin, and steel including empty aerosol cans and metal lids from glass jars).

Any questions please call Progressive Waste Solutions customer service at 940-648-3902.