Water Department

Vision Statement:
Our vision is to meet the needs of our customers while preparing for the future.

Mission Statement:
To provide a safe, reliable and aesthetically pleasing water supply for the citizens of Justin in an abundant amount while meeting the pressure standards set forth by the fire department flow requirements. Justin is constantly striving to meet and/or exceed Federal and State guidelines as they apply to water.

Water Department Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct daily inspection of the system and water quality monitoring tests. 
  • 24 hour emergency water main and service repairs 
  • Operation and maintenance of all storage and pumping facilities
  • Water loss prevention program to minimize water loss in system
  • Flushing hydrant program
  • Maintain Backflow Prevention Program 

After hours water emergency calls can be made to: 817-876-7956

Gilbert Ramirez


Ordinance 215 Article 11.119- Customers using the City water cut-off valve violate this ordinance. If you need your water cut-off, please contact the City of Justin, 940-648-2541 or after hours’ emergency number.