Building Inspections & Permits

You can apply online for various permits and register as a contractor at

For instructions on how to use MyGov, click this How To Guide.


When applying for a swimming pool permit, please download and read our Swimming Pool Requirements document. Once work has begun, you must fill out and complete the Certification of House-Pool Protection Device Installation included at the end of the document before scheduling the Belly Steel & Bond Inspection.

Note: If you are building in a subdivision with a Homeowner’s Association you may want to contact them regarding building requirements. This will probably save you time and money.

For residential home construction:

  1. Complete, date and sign the building application.
  2. You will need to turn in three (3) 11x17 sets of building plans, each of which includes:
    1. A floor plan of the proposed construction including construction details.
    2. A engineered signed/stamped foundation plan, including details.
    3. Elevation of all four views of the proposed building.
    4. MEC check (Energy Efficiency Rating Report.) This report must be done by a third party certified to do reports and must have signature and certification number.
    5. All contractors are required to be registered with the City before the building permit will be issued. Registration fee of fifty (50.00) dollars, copy of Driver License, and Insurance must be submitted with the Contractor application. (Plumbers are not required to pay registration fee.)
  3. Site plan must include the following information.
    1. The location of proposed construction on the property.
    2. The location of the proposed driveway.
    3. The location of all easements or a note on the plan that none exist.
    4. The surface water drainage for the property.
  4. Culvert application has to be signed and submitted with an engineer designed drawing by a registered engineer. (If a culvert is not necessary, you must still submit a letter by a registered engineer stating a culvert is not required.
  5. Grading Permit including but not limited to copies of plans illustrating the proposed work, and a drainage analysis. A certificate from a registered professional engineer showing location, dimensions, and elevation of existing and proposed structure and proposed landscaping alterations.
  6. Septic system has to be designed by a Registered Engineer or Sanitarian, as required by law, to design the system and perform a site evaluation. The Designer must submit:
    1. Basic Design
    2. Soil Analysis and Site Evaluation.
    3. System Flow Diagram and Sizing Calculations
    4. Material Specifications.
    5. Size and Model of Approved Aerobic System.
    6. Two year service contract.
    7. Affidavit to the Public.

Additional Forms: